Dear Parents

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial that we maintain social distancing.

As per regulations of the Department of Education we may only have 50 % of total learners per day at school. We will therefor follow a phasing in model as approved by the Department of Education.

Learners will attend school in alternating days. In other words, learners will follow a one day at school, one day at home Timetable.
Within this method of Timetabling, a learner will attend school for 5 days during a two-week cycle (Day 1 to 10). All classes will be divided in a Green and Blue group. Learners will only attend the days of their group and will remain at home to complete classwork at home on the days that their colour group do not attend.
Attached to this letter you will receive a calendar with the Group days indicated as well as a list to indicate in what colour group your child will be ( Lists for Gr 4 & 5. Gr RR, R,1,2,3,6,7 use list as previously communicated). PLEASE LEARNERS MUST ONLY ATTEND ON THEIR DAYS! Make sure about the days your child attends and arrange transport. We really tried to group siblings, but this groups will be final. This is “new normal” times for us all and we must work as a team to succeed.

1. No learner/staff member will be permitted onto the school premises without:
a. 3-ply non-medical, washable cloth mask (that fits properly) or
b. N95 (washable respirator mask with breathing valve and cotton activated carbon filter) or c. FFP2 (surgical mask) or d. KN95 (washable face mask)
Learners must please arrive at school with their own masks. Masks will be handed out when/if received from the Department of Education.

2. Masks need to be clearly labelled with the child’s full name and class. All masks must be washed in hot water and ironed every day. Learners will not be allowed to take their masks off. Only when they eat during break time it will be allowed to move it to your neck area. Disposable masks cannot be washed and must be dispose of daily.

3. The school will ensure that classes are sanitized on a daily basis and that all classes are equipped with hand sanitizing liquids for use by both the staff and learners (Supply of personal sanitizers per learner, by parent/guardian, will assist and be appreciated). Soap will also be provided in the bathrooms. Learners must also play their part and not throw litter around or mess in the bathrooms and also help keep their area in the class neat and tidy.

4. Learners will NOT change classes. Teachers will move between classrooms. Teachers are required to sanitize after every change- over.

5. Learners will be expected to maintain social distancing and will be allocated set-seats in classes. Areas both inside and outside the classroom will be allocated for learners to sit during breaks. No physical interaction, including playing games, will be allowed. Learners will be required to line up, maintaining strict social distancing. No lockers will be allowed and also no sharing of any stationery. Break times will also be at different times for different Grades and Phases to ensure social distancing. There will also be Educators on duty.

6. The School Tuck-shop will be open.

7. The school’s regular timetable may be changed to suit the needs of all learners at school. The school will embark on an intensive catch-up plan as determined by the Department of Education.

8.All learners/educators will be screened before entering the premises. If a person has a fever or symptoms they will be placed in a quarantine area, parents phoned to take home and to see a doctor.

9. Parent/guardians are requested NOT to send sick learners to school as we are not equipped with sickroom facilities to accommodate this. Please check learner’s temperatures before leaving home.
10. Learners need to be collected immediately after the school day ends. There will be NO extra-mural school activities until further notice. Large numbers of learners CANNOT wait at the waiting area. After-care will be open for learners that indicated they will return.

11. Learners are to return to school in their correct WINTER UNIFORM. Parents to ensure that uniform is clean and washed daily. Learners must adhere to personal hygiene.

12. Learners that do not adhere to rules or social distancing will be asked to leave premises. Parents will be called to fetch learners. We cannot allow individuals to put the lives of others at jeopardy.

13. Parents must make sure that transport used adheres to Covid-19 rules as implemented by the Department of Transport and Department of Health.

14. Parents to discuss social distancing with their child and ensure that the child understands its importance.

15. Learners with underlying illnesses must contact school, we will provide you with the correct procedure.

16. We understand that some parents may not feel comfortable in sending their children to school yet, owing to anxiety and uncertainty that has been brought about by the Covid-19, and to this end, parents who decide not to send their children back to school must inform the school. Parents must adhere to the Department of Education’s guidelines and register their child with a reputable Home schooling organisation. Parents must also register their child at the Department of Education as home schooled.

17. Any learner/staff that has been in contact with a person with Covid-19 or a person in isolation due to a Covid-19 query must report it to the school immediately so that we can put measures in place.

18. School hours: 7:00 to 14:00 (At 7:00, we will start with screening and Academics will commence from 7:40) Grades will lead off at end of the day at different times.

19. No unnecessary visitors will be allowed on the premises; this is a clear instruction from the Department of Education that we must adhere to

20. Learners must please bring a bottle of water. they will be allowed to fill their bottles at the taps BUT not to drink from the taps directly.

Morning screening process for Learners:
• Gates will open daily at 7 o clock. PLEASE NOTE at 7:40 we will start with our academic programme.
• Learners to enter at their allocated screening area. No learners will be allowed to loiter around and not enter premises
• Stand 1.5m apart. Markings on the floor to stand on.
• Screening team will take temperature and ask screening questions. If a learner has a temperature of over 37.5°C they will be asked to wait and re-screened in 10 minutes’ time. If the temperature is still above 37.5˚C, necessary steps will be taken.
• Learners will go to their allocated classes.
Screening areas:
Gr7 & Gr 6:
• Enter at Teachers car park gate.
• Screening done: Mr Magagula , Mrs Munnik
• Gr 7 Learners go to the hall and Gr 6 learners move to their Register classes where Class educators will complete screening sheet and seat them at allocated places.
Gr4 & Gr 5 and Senior LSEN classes
• Enter at Office gate.
• Screening done at gate: Mrs Sigapragasan , Miss Loretz,
• Learners move to their Register classes where Class educators will complete screening sheet and seat them at allocated places.
Grade 1’s, 2’s, 3’s & Junior LSEN
• Enter at waiting class area.
• Screening done: Mr Hahn , Mrs de Jager , Ms Brits, Mrs Makhavu
Grade R and RR’s
• Enter at the gate at the Gr R school (Gate next to our tennis courts)
• Please parents be mindful of the traffic: drive in, drop child off, turn in the allocated area and drive out. It is not a large space so please be patient and adhere to all safety precautions.
• Screening will be done by the Gr R Staff
First day:
• Screening will take place and learners will move to their classes.
• Training session will take place in the class
• Rules and regulations will be explained.
All learners must adhere to the following daily:
• Wear a mask
• Social distancing. No hugging or touching.
• Regularly wash hands and sanitize hands
• Don’t touch your face
• Follow rules in the class:
 Sanitize hands regularly
 Wear mask
 Do not walk around in class
 No lockers will be allowed. Keep books with you in class
 Keep social distance on the school premises (1.5m)
 Adhere to basic personal hygiene
 No stationery will be shared
• Ensure that they do class work at home on the days they not attend school
End of day procedure:
Gr RR and R’s
• Learners will wait at pick up area from 13:30 at 14:00 gates will be closed.
• Parents to use same gate as in the morning.
Grade 1’s, 2’s and 3’s and Junior LSEN class
• Learners will wait at gate from 13: 30
• Will exit at same gate as entering in the morning
• Learners will wait on the allocated dots
• Please they must be picked up by 13:55 (In order for the next group to exit)
Grade 4’s, 5’s ,6’s ,7’s and Senior LSEN
• Learners will lead off from 13:45
• Gr 7’s & Gr6’s at the Educators parking area
• Gr 4’s & Gr 5’s and Senior LSEN class at the admin office gate
TAKE NOTE: All learners must be picked up by 14:30. No learners will be allowed to loiter around at waiting class area. Please make sure that you make your arrangements accordingly.
We will at all times adhere to safety regulations as provided by the Department of Education, and by all means to ensure a safe environment for our staff and learners. Our President said: “It is now in the hands of the people,” and it is therefore important that we as individuals adhere to all rules and social distancing, and collectively commit (as parents, learners and educators) to achieving our common goal.

Mr van Niekerk


Ms Brits

Deputy Principal





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